Riptide by Francis Weller

Today, I am linking up with Andrea at Reading Toward the Stars for Book Talk Thursday.  I enjoy Andrea's linky as it gives readers a chance to hear about old classics, something new and unfamiliar, and perhaps a new way to look at an old favorite.

This week, I used Riptide by Francis Ward Weller with a tutoring student, and I found it to be such a great book.  The reading level of the book is approximately 3rd to 4th grade, and the story is actually a true story of a rescue dog.  The story begins with the young boy in the story desperately wanting a dog, and his father bringing home the puppy.  The dog naturally gets into things, escapes, and finds all kinds of mischief including visits to the beach nearby.  Day after day, the family is called to retrieve the dog who just can't get the ocean out of his system which ends up being a good thing.  Riptide happens to be there at the right time when a young girl nearly drowns, and it's him that rescues her.  
To prepare for my tutoring lesson, I developed a unit to go with this book focused on the writing trait, voice.  It's set up in a before, during and after approach. You can use it as a mentor text for reading comprehension and writing (voice) with this unit.

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  1. Thanks, Carla, for linking up again this week! I am going to have to get this book to use with a student I tutor. He loves dogs and would LOVE this book too! Thanks for sharing!

    Reading Toward the Stars

    1. It's a neat book...we visited Cape Cod and Nauset Beach, so I was familiar with the setting. It's a true story. Plus...our Golden Retriever, Shadow, was so much like the dog in the story. :-)

  2. You had me at "true story of a rescue dog." Adding to my Amazon wishlist. Thanks for the perfect recommendation!! Super excited to see the unit!!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

    1. Awesome! Right off the bat, my students get to do research projects, and last year, I assigned each child a different dog breed to research. I love fiction books that tie well to nonfiction (Owl Moon, Stellaluna, Verdi, and this one). This one will be a good lead into the projects.


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