Six Traits Sunday-Voice

Several weeks ago, I began Six Traits Sunday.  Our school is stepping up the use of the Six Traits Model to improve our students' writing skills.  To help my colleagues (and our readers), I thought this would be a helpful topic to include on my blog in the form of a linky so that teachers can quickly access mentor text suggestions and see how they have worked to address the trait.

Today, I am going to talk about one series I plan to use during the early part of the year, Amazing Grace, Princess Grace, Boundless Grace, and Grace and Her Family written by Mary Hoffman.  I have used Amazing Grace with guided reading groups in the past, but not the others.  I find the theme of Amazing Grace very inspirational, and the reason it has such an impact on the reader is because of voice.  The gist of the story is that Grace, the main character, has determined that she can do anything and be anything she likes.  She has a wild imagination and pretends to be all the characters she's read about, but when her class begins to plan for their class play, Peter Pan, she's suddenly faced with doubt.

Two ideas I am planning with this book in particular are narrative writing about achieving something you set out to do and essay writing about goal setting.  With voice, I think mini lessons focused on Wow words vs. Dead words are timely.  One resource I have used from Gay Miller is her Wow Words Mini Thesaurus.  I also love her Show Don't Tell Powerpoint.  You might look !around on her site for other writing tips.  Erica Trobridge also referenced Amazing Grace in this freebie.  Several other books are discussed as well.  Erica has lots of writing resources available at her store.  One other great thing I found in researching for this post are these great post-it note checklists.  Thank you Writing Fix!  So many Six Traits teaching tools available here!

What books do you love for voice?  Share your suggestions in the comments below.
Can't wait to see what's included, can you?

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