Six Trait Writing Ideas with Bear Wants More

Bear Wants More
The Bear books by Karma Wilson work very well for a central idea.  Each has a focus...dealing with sickness, what makes you scared, friendship, and bear needs.  I chose Bear Wants More to add to my book list for writing ideas. 

Research Projects:

In this book, Bear is coming out of hibernation and is really hungry!  There are lots of facts related to bears shared in this book, and I think it'd work well for introducing bear research.  Using this graphic organizer, students can begin to record information they learn from the book.  Once finished, the remaining parts can be completed with other sources in true research fashion.  Click on the page below to access the file.  

Next Steps:

One suggestion with this writing project would be to move to another animal after doing shared writing for the first topic.  We all know practice makes perfect, and this is most definitely true with writing.  My students always need to write more than one research paper to understand how to do it independently, but they also need lots of modeling. 

Reading/Writing Connection:

Interested in working on additional reading skills too? This unit includes before, during, and after activities using the book as an interactive read aloud. It even includes a lapbook for researching bears too.
Bear Wants More

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