Six Traits Sunday Linky

Our school is utilizing the Six Traits to teach writing, and I would like to use the next six weeks to not just generate a listing of books, but provide followers with ideas on how to use them. 

This week, I'd like to run a linky party to focus on the trait, ideas.  With this linky, I'd like for the participants to include in their blog or Facebook post a thumbnail of the book and a description of how the book can be used as a mentor text for ideas.  Include in the blog or Facebook post examples from the book that the teacher might show his/her students.  The blog post might include an anchor chart the teacher could make to showcase the book's features as well.  Because I hope for this to be a growing resource, I have set up the linky party to not end until next March.  As bloggers prepare for the new year or come across literature that models an idea well, hopefully the new titles can be blogged about and included later.

As a final note, please begin your post with the linky button above and describe the book of your choice.  If you'd like to have the listing of books and links appear on your blog, you can add the code below to your blog to copy the growing list/links to your blog too.  During the coming week, think about books that model the trait, organization.  I will run that linky party starting July 7th.  I hope this brings lots of us together for great collaboration on how to utilize the Six Traits of Writing. 


  1. Hi Carla!

    I love teaching the Write Traits! I chose Kevin Henkes' book Chrysanthemum for WORD CHOICE. I use this book as one of many for word choice. I particularly love how he uses the word "wilted" to describe how Chrysanthemum felt when others called her names. (Great example of show don't tell!)

    I have tons of resources that help teach the write traits if you or anyone else is looking at my TPT shop (TheWriteStuff)

    I am looking forward to seeing what other books people come up with.

    :) Shelley
    The Perks of Teaching Primary

    1. Shelley,
      I will add your blog page to the Chrysanthemum link. I plan to run the linky for each trait. This linky is specifically for *Ideas*. Next week, I will focus the linky list on books for organization, so hopefully you can think of a good one for that too. If you have special writing materials related to Chrysanthemum, maybe you could share about that in the post?? Thanks for responding!

  2. I totally posted the wrong picture for my link:( I will repost the correct picture of How to Babysit a Grandpa but I wasn't able to delete my first link.


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