A Day of Giving Back with Autism Speaks

Today, my post is all about this little guy right here pictured with my mom and dad.  This is Carson, and he has autism.  We do not care though.  We love him and will do what it takes to care and support him. 
At the time this picture was taken, he did not show many signs of autism, but as other children began their language explosion, it just didn't happen with Carson. After testing and more testing, finally, an autism diagnosis was handed down. I say that because that is how it feels as a parent when you learn that all the dreams you had for your child are forever changed. I know if there were a cure for autism, no doubt, my sister and brother in law would probably become those crazy people you hear about on Black Friday to get to it. That's how crazy they are about him. We all are.
Carson is now eleven years old, and he has transitioned to middle school.  He participates in horse therapy classes and receives speech and language, occupational therapy, and respite services. Coordinating all of the services for him is a full time job, and without them, Carson have great difficulty navigating even simple interactions in the world and the family unit would be challenged to the max.  The services help Carson keep from falling further and further behind.  Even with the services, his learning rate is much slower than his peers, so until a cure is found, Carson and all children struggling with autism need us to advocate for them. They are OUR children, and WE need to treat them as if they were our own.  Today, I am joining a group of TPT sellers for A Day of Giving Back.  Erin Colon from Nitty Gritty Science organized the event (Thanks Erin!), and each seller in the linky below has chosen a charity near and dear to them.  I am donating a minimum of 50% of the profits I receive from my sales to Autism Speaks. (I hope it's a record day, and if it is, I will be sending much, much more!) If you'd like to make a direct donation, I would be thrilled with that too. Just click the link below. 
Autism Speaks was begun when the Wright family learned their son, Christian, had autism.  They formed Autism Speaks to provide awareness, advocacy, research, and assistance with getting services for children. The organization has worked to improve diagnosis and treatment for children.  Early intervention is extremely important, and sadly, many families are uninformed of the services available and the children are diagnoses much later. The services early in life help the children learn to cope with scary situations such as crowds, loud noises, food textures, and even the feel of clothing, but they also help those interacting with the child learn to be more sensitive and understanding of their needs.  Children with autism look like any other child, so their behaviors stand out and cause difficulty in pubic situations.  The looks and responses can be difficult to receive, and it's time we as a society work to make the children and their parents feel comfortable and make accommodations to help ease social situations. 

To learn more about Autism Speaks or to see how you can become involved, click the link below.  

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Thank you so much in advance for supporting my sweet nephew, my neighbor Coy, and all those looking for a cure for autism. I want to leave you with one more picture...our birthday buddies.
Sam (18) and Carson (11) were born on the same day. Imagine the excitement Carson's birth brought back then. If Carson were yours, would you be passionate about helping him? Whether a child with autism is ours or not, we need to keep in mind that they need to be treated as if they were our own.

Please feel free to comment below about your connections to autism.

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  1. Hi Karla-what a sweet post about your nephew :-) I can tell how much you and your family passionately care about and support him! I wish you a record day in sales! ~ Lisa


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