Thematic Thursday Linky

This summer, I really enjoyed teaching our summer reading program.  We planned each week by themes, and the children had opportunities to explore science, write, read a variety of texts and genres, share reader's theater and poetry, and much more.  It gave me the idea of doing a Thematic Thursday Linky.  

I would like to explore a different theme each week and share resources that could be used to go with the themes.  With blog posts, I'd love bloggers to use this as a time to share book titles, writing prompts, activities (may be modeling a product tied to the theme if you like), freebies, and anything that would make planning the theme easier for all.  This is not intended as a link up where products are linked directly from your store.  In fact, any links that go to a store will be deleted.  Rather, this linky is intended to be a permanent post that readers can come to in the future. Again, you may share products through modeling how they are used, but please do not link up marketing posts.

Now, let's get things started.  Next week, the theme will be...
Think of space themed books, math activities, writing prompts, science ideas, art projects, and any other type of learning activity you could include.  

I hope this will be a really fun posts to write and even better, I hope the ideas will help you make things fun for kids.


  1. Sounds great! I have a list in mind already of books and activities...Will the linky still be open Friday, as I don't know I'll get it ready by Thursday?

    1. Oh sure, Rebecca! I will let be open from one week to the next. That way if some want to link up over the weekend they can. I made a Pinterest page last night and started pinning resources to it. I think I'll make a page each week and add those who link up to it so they can pin their resources to it.


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