Five for Friday-First Week of School

I believe I am seeing spots...or maybe my eyes are tired from all the assessing I did this week!  Eek! DSA, Running Records, Kindergarten Screenings, data entry, and phone calls for test scores, but I believe we've got a good feel of where our students are at this point.  I feel very good about all that got accomplished while my colleagues have been working to build a positive learning community among their classes. I enjoyed the one-on-one time with the kids too to reconnect after not seeing them all summer.  It is a nice way to get to know the new students too. It was a busy week, and here's what most of us look like Friday afternoon.  Relate??
Notice crossed eyes and hair disheveled, but thumbs are up!
Cartoon Number OneOf course, we all had first day jitters Monday (I did not sleep well Sunday night despite my letter writing post.), I went through the schedule I don't know how many times.  After all, we were lazy in the summer, and  I even had to dust off the alarm clock since it hadn't been used for a bit. We all got where we needed to be on time.  What a miracle!  Here is my sixth grader gearing up for her first day. Where does the time go??  She was so excited to where her glitzy shirt (but I think she was a bit hot by the end of the day.)  Oh well!  She had a great first day, and she even let me curl her hair.  It's the little things that make you happy, right!    

Cartoon Number TwoIn the middle of the week, I shared pictures of my classroom.  I have had so much fun decorating a full size classroom.  I went with an animal print theme..."We're getting Wild About Reading!"  It's been wonderful being able to spread the children out and use the space for paired work and for children who just need room to spread out.  I've gotten a little spoiled I'm afraid.  My pride and joy is my library.  I'm still working on leveling the books.  They're all sorted by theme and author.

Cartoon Number Three
On Wednesday, my sister tagged me for the ALS challenge.  I debated uploading the video clip, but I believe it is just too embarrassing to share.  I didn't quite make the 24 hour deadline, so I donated to Susan G. Komen in honor of a close family friend and to Autism Speaks in honor of my nephew. Here he is when he was little.  Just look how precious he is.  My sister and brother in law are amazing, and he is one special guy.  

Cartoon Number FourThursday, I introduced a new linky I will be running, Thematic Thursday.  I will share the theme a week in advance to allow time for bloggers to think about their posts.  The theme for the first week is Space, and I'd love for those who link up with Five for Friday this week to consider linking up with me for it.  Any grade is welcome and all subject areas as long as they stick to the theme.  When you write up your post, you might want to include the intended grade level for the activities too.  The only thing I ask is that you not link up directly to your store.  Readers enjoy seeing materials in action.  Here is the linky button for those who'd like to give it a try.

Cartoon Number FiveI will end with our buddy, Molly.  It was National Dog Week, and here's our pal.

For other Five for Friday posts, you can visit Doodlebug's Teaching [here].  Enjoy your weekend, and until next time, happy reading!


  1. I love the linky idea! If I ever get better about planning out my posts.. I will have to link up! Also, I'm your newest follower. :)

  2. Your dog is absolutely adorable, Carla! That reading area is so inviting. I'll be that students are super excited to spend their time there! I love the idea for the linky. I'll be reading, and hopefully joining once I get started next week and get a feel for how much blogging time I will have. I've got 27 wonderful 10 year olds in my room and I do believe that they will keep me on my toes!


  3. Hey Carla!
    I've been so busy I can't even blog and I"m really sad about that!!! Glad you had a great week - your room and library look great! :-) I'm hoping to get a blog in tonight after yoga...I've been missing writing, so much!

  4. Hi Carla! I just 'rediscovered' your blog and it is a gold mine of inspiring resources! I will be back for sure!

    Thank you for including my 'Fall Fact and Opiion' freebie in this week's theme!
    Peggy at Primary Flourish


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