Five for Friday-Summer Camp Goes to the Beach

What a fun Summer Camp week I've had, and I am so glad to share some of the activities we've done this week.  They may make great back to school activities for my readers in cyberland.

Cartoon Number OneWe started the week off with an adorable get to know you activities and introduction to our ocean theme.  This was so fun because it included a written response and glyph which helped me get to know the kids preferences.  Glyphs are wonderful get to know you activities for the start of the year and are more interactive than a simple inventory. Yellow handle...reading a lot this summer, blue fall, winter, and spring, purple pail...loves vanilla ice cream, green loves strawberry, swim goggles on the pail...loves to swim at the beach, shells...loves to collect shells.  

Cartoon Number TwoFluency was a big focus with these 2nd/3rd graders.  We talked about what fluency meant, and they had fantastic responses.  As they colored, we discussed further what they should do when they run into problems, how to observe punctuation, how to add expression, and how to know when you need to reread.  We practiced with poetry all week and with a reader's theatre about whales.  Aren't their ideas great??

Cartoon Number ThreeWe continued to read, research, and write about whales and crabs.  We talked about the importance of questioning during our reading and identifying the important information we learn and want to remember with close reading practices. I loved the word splash of vocabulary they remembered from the books. We used the word bank for writing we did about crabs later in the week.

Cartoon Number FourThe children read a variety of books including Magic Schoolbus Gets Crabby and The Journey of the Humpback Whale.  Of course, we enjoyed A House for Hermit Crab too.  They had a fantastic time. 

Cartoon Number FiveNext week, we'll be exploring Bats and Birds.  I plan to include Stellaluna, Owl Babies, Bats at the Beach,  lots of nonfiction, and many more favorites.  Here's our final collection, and I know the kids will be quite proud to see it displayed next Monday.

In case you'd be interested in the Bucket List activity, you can access it {here} 

Enjoy your weekend, and until next time, happy reading!


  1. Looks like lots of fun! Wish I were a student in summer camp with you! Thanks for sharing!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. Love the bucket glyphs, as well as all of the ocean brainstorming charts! Owl and bird week sound delightful! My class used Owl Babies as a Reader's Theater last year and loved it!


  3. All that talk of whales, crabs, and ocean animals makes me want to go back to the beach! Looks like lots of fun!

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

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