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Keeping Kids Motivated with Summer Reading Opportunities

Summer is just around the corner, and like many teachers, you may be thinking about ways to keep your students' skills up during those months while they are away from school. Or maybe you're a mom or dad who needs ideas to keep your little one busy. Never fear! I have a few ideas you might try out.

Questioning Strategies...Before, During, and After Reading

Questions drive our instruction, and in this post, you'll find lesson ideas to teach your students how to use questions to improve understanding. The post includes several freebies you can use in lesson after lesson and across subject areas.
Think about your current job placement for a moment. Are you asked to solve problems that come up? Do you discuss with teams what you're planning to teach next and how? As teachers, we're constantly solving problems, and truth be known, we can not go through a day without asking and answering questions of someone or about something. Today, I'd like to share ideas on teaching kids to question as they read.

Your Students Have Finished Their Test! Now What?

These end of the year ideas will keep your kids relaxed, having fun, and learning especially when you have content to teach.

You can see the tension on the faces of the children and the teachers. Everyone has their #2 pencils and a book in hand. They're quietly waiting in single file lines to use the restroom. Then, they'll be marched to the *testing zone*. You know the place, right. It's one where not a sound can be heard, and there are warning signs plastered all over the hallways that promise serious consequences if a disturbance happens. It is clear that it is an area you ...do...not...want...to...enter. Thankfully though, the testing zone disappears a few hours in and luckily life returns to normal. For those testing, it is a long intense time, and by the time it's over, they are ready for a break. Today, I'd like to share six suggestions of things you can do for fun that keep academics going, but provide a more relaxed atmosphere for the kids.

The Secret to Teaching Kids to Visualize

Visualizing is critical to reading comprehension, but some kids struggle with it. Check out this post for suggestions you might try out. (freebies included)
Have you ever taught a student who just could not visualize? There are quite a few kiddos out there who just do not do it. They don't get the idea of mental images, picturing what they've read, or any type of movie, and for most of us, it's difficult to understand why this is tough for them. So what can we do? How do we break this skill down and get them to do it? Today, I'm going to share five teaching options you might try to support those who need help.

Exploring Characterization with Strega Nona and Big Anthony

Tomie dePaola is a favorite among children's book authors and for good reason. His book characters are unique and crazy funny. Kids love that oaf  Big Anthony, and who doesn't enjoy the thought of magic. Strega Nona works her magic...on our kids! (and there are certainly memorable characters in Tomie's other books as well). Today, I'd like to share ways you can study characterization with the Strega Nona collection as well as Tomie's other books too.


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